Here at CBD Cღttage

We provide a bespoke range of products which are made from the highest quality CBD Hemp Oil and CBD isolate

We can’t make any claims of how our CBD Products have changed lives as CBD is classed in the UK as a novelty food. No medical claims can be made regarding CBD stating that it can cure any illness and we do not make any at CBD Cottage, we give you easy access to the latest available information .



But the one thing we have found is, if you are not taking sufficient dosage you may not get all the benefits of CBD.


Getting to YOUR correct dosage is very important to you getting the full benefits of what CBD can do.

We have found this varies from 10mg of pure CBD once a day to 50mg of Pure CBD 4 times a day. (Be aware CBD oil can have varying amounts of the actual CBD Cannabidiol within the oil )

The amount of CBD required depends on the severity of your condition and the benefits you are seeking.


When you start taking CBD, the starting amount should be aligned to the severity of your condition you should start on a small, medium or large dose once a day for the first 7 days.

If you not feeling the full benefit increase your dose by 50% for 3 days then increase to twice daily for 3 days. Then increase 3 times a day for 3 days. Until you find that you have achieved the correct dosage.

This can be as little as 10mg but can be up to 200mg of pure CBD per day for the most severe cases.


Please feel free to contact us for any information or product assistance.

 You can’t overdose on CBD but you can UNDERDOSE. You Cannot get stoned on CBD

All CBD Cღttage products Do Not contain THC                                                                            

Our CBD is 100% legal in the UK.

Our CBD will NOT get you high



Our many returning customers know the benefits of CBDCღttage Products and the change it has made to their life. We appreciate our customers as they do us.


We also understand the cost involved for those on HIGH a daily dosage of CBD .If you require 200mg or more daily, then please email us at

Rain products can be purchased at a discounted rate when signing up  monthly. Please email for further details


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